Brent Halliburton

Brent Halliburton has a pretty official looking CV here: www.linkedin.com/in/bhalliburton/

This is not that. But let me tell you a little about myself.

I am not that Halliburton. I always thought I could probably get Dick Cheney on the phone by calling his office and saying “It’s Mr. Halliburton, put Dick on!”, but I could never think of anything I wanted to say to him.

I was raised by a single mother of three in San Antonio, TX. It still isn’t obvious to me, looking back, how she did that. Attended the University of Pennsylvania, where I started my first company, Group Cortex. Group Cortex was a technology professional services firm that we grew to several million in sales, then sold to The Hackett Group (NASDAQ: HCKT) at the height of the bubble. Sadly, I didn’t sell all my stock then. After spending some time doing random consulting to people, I moved from Philadelphia to the DC area to marry the love of my life. I tried consulting for a while at Booz Allen Hamilton before realizing that government sales cycles were probably not my thing.

I then joined Advertising.com (A subsidiary of Aol) to be the first product manager for behavioral targeting. I held several positions over the course of my time there: head of product for agency products, head of product for exchanges, but my final position was running New Product Development for Advertising.com/Aol Advertising.

I left Aol to start Deconstruct Media, a company that had all kinds of plans to be nerdier about programmatic guaranteed advertising platforms than anybody else. In that respect, we succeeded and one year to the day from our founding, Deconstruct Media was acquired by Verve Mobile. Today I am the head of product for Verve and spend my time building apps, building advertising platforms, and doing my part to build the leading location-targeting platform in the world. I won’t lie, it’s pretty sweet.

I spend a bit of time advising start-ups. Let me tell you one story about that. We had an advisor at Group Cortex that was kind of a big deal. He was a professor at Wharton and he had a rolodex a mile thick. Unfortunately, during his time advising us, he came to our meetings, he offered an opinion here and there, but he never really, really tried to help us. I was young and inexperienced. I didn’t know how to get him to go to work, but when I reflect on it, part of his job in this role was we were young entrepreneurs and we needed a senior guy to tell us that we needed him to work. After we sold Cortex and I reflected on how that went, I resolved that if a start-up wanted my advice, they would get real value, introductions, and my rolodex at their disposal.

I have two boys. They are great.

I can be found all over the Internet:

For reasons not entirely clear, I am frequently asked to provide a brief biography. Here is 100 words right on the button:

Brent Halliburton is an entrepreneur and tech executive. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School. Brent started Group Cortex, a professional services firm acquired by The Hackett Group (NASD: HCKT). He then worked at Booz Allen Hamilton and later Aol/Advertising.com in a variety of product roles culminating in leading New Product Development. Brent left Aol to found Deconstruct Media, a formative company in the programmatic guaranteed market. Deconstruct was acquired by Verve Mobile, where Brent led Product as Verve grew 100x in annual revenue. Mr. Halliburton is presently an EIR and consulting to start-ups and tech companies.