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Experian Is A Digital Advertising Fail

The world we live in: Some retailer has a bunch of first party data, you want to match it to some DSP data set for targeting. They like to work with Experian to protect the privacy of the consumer by having a blind match. Experian tells you that it costs $25,000 to do a one time…


70% Viewability is a Bullshit Ad Standard

This is something I have been meaning to complain about for a while. The IAB announced that the “official” standard for viewability would be:   All billing should continue to be based on the number of Served Impressions during a campaign and these should be separated into two categories: Measured and Non-Measured. Given the limitations…

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The 8 Best Growth Hacking Videos

You can probably name a few of the most well-known growth hackers today. Names like Sean Ellis or Noah Kagan spring to mind. Everyone needs to learn from the masters and there are lots of great articles talking about who the masters are, but it seemed to me like there was a hole in the…

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AdBlock Makes The Rich Richer

Lots of reports in the news today about how AdBlock Plus has done deals with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to not block their ads for people with AdBlock installed. On the one hand, good for AdBlock Plus, I guess, that they are so big that they can start taking money to unblock ads and still…

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Case Study: Outsourcing Content Marketing

TLDR; Tried outsourcing content marketing via Fiverr, didn’t like it. Content Marketing is viewed as a key part of platform building, driving SEO growth, and generally creating traffic. Yet Content Marketing is exhausting. You have to keep writing. And writing. And checking SEO keywords and optimizing. And writing. And optimizing. And marketing. And marketing. And…


Mobile IDs Are Better Than Desktop Cookies

People are so trapped in the past that they don’t know a good thing when it smacks ’em in the face. I read article after article bemoaning the lack of cookies in mobile apps and they act like it is the end of the world and they tell people that this is constraining the growth…