Not The Expert

What It’s Like To Not Be The Expert

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Reflecting on 2013

Most Popular Things I Wrote in 2013

As we migrate over to this new blog, there is still a wealth of mind-blowing content I wrote in 2013 that you probably want to check out. I popped over and looked at the data to see what everyone else read and you missed. 

Facebook vs. Snapchat

Facebook is forever

There has been a significant amount of analysis about Facebook’s impending doom of late. Some people have hypothesized that Facebook is a social movement and the movement is at an end. Others have implied that teens inclination toward Snapchat implies that it is a competing social network.

Brent Halliburton on a good day

It’s something different, what the heck!

The time has come. When I began blogging at Cogmap, I was hoping to turn Cogmap into something and I figured that any sort of blogging there would be “content marketing” and generally accretive to the page rank of Cogmap. That was great, but the time has come to do something a bit different.