AdBlock Makes The Rich Richer

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Case Study: Outsourcing Content Marketing

TLDR; Tried outsourcing content marketing via Fiverr, didn’t like it. Content Marketing is viewed as a key part of platform building, driving SEO growth, and generally creating traffic. Yet Content Marketing is exhausting. You have to keep writing. And writing. And checking SEO keywords and optimizing. And writing. And optimizing. And marketing. And marketing. And…

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Mobile IDs Are Better Than Desktop Cookies

People are so trapped in the past that they don’t know a good thing when it smacks ’em in the face. I read article after article bemoaning the lack of cookies in mobile apps and they act like it is the end of the world and they tell people that this is constraining the growth…

Tweets on Margin

How Publishers Got Ass Whooped By RTB

I have written about the secular trend toward advertisers building out their own trading desks, after agencies built out their own trading desks, in an effort to capture margin from ad networks. What I haven’t written about is how publishers are absolutely suffering in this onslaught. All of this momentum on the advertiser side of…


Pokemon and Start-ups

My son recently became a fairly serious competitive Pokemon card game player. Here is a picture of him competing at the Pokemon World Championships: He became a serious Pokemon player in the way that most people pursue something they are passionate about. It started when his friends took a passing interest. Then I showed him…

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Trading Desk

Secular Trend: Advertiser Trading Desks

Real-time bidding is probably the most powerful trend changing advertising (not just digital advertising), hence no discussion of advertising would be complete without spending some more time talking about it. RTB has only been available since late 2009, but it is rapidly attracting more spending and gaining market share because it is much more efficient…


ARPU in AdTech

This is kind of throw-away, but I pulled this data after I saw this tweet: ARPU is a critical calculation for consumer web sites. If you don’t know your Average Revenue Per User, it is hard to plan and invest appropriately. Sept Traffic Dec Traffic Q3 Rev Q4 Rev Q3 ARPU Q4 ARPU AOL 112…