How to raise money from VCs with real decks

cash-moneyI told you when I first put up this web site that I am super committed to helping you win. Today I am taking another step to demonstrate my commitment to the cause.

Maybe you need to raise money? There is a big difference between starting a start-up and raising money. That is just a stone cold fact. But raising money can be an important step on the journey: Many business require cash to be able to live the dream. And if cash is what you require, I want to help you do that also.

My perspective on this is not completely terrible. I have gotten VC term sheets for two different companies. Further, I am happy to share that two start-ups I advise have raised great rounds – Staq and Snobswap.

That is great, but how does that help you? What if I show you the decks that I used to get my term sheets? Done.

Want an essay that breaks down those PPT docs and shows you the good parts, the bad parts, the ugly parts, and the parts that you should emulate? Done.

You need to hire the best. Could you use some advice on structuring your organization and building a culture that emphasizes the importance of hiring? Done.

I have established a new FREE “VIP” section of my web site where I have put a pile of PDFs and PPTs. These are original documents that are not the kind of fluff you expect from people that make fluffy stuff. This is real. If it isn’t real, schedule a free 1-on-1 meeting with me and I will help you with your deck and make it real for you. You need to join so you can be awesome.

My goal is to try and add a little something to this every quarter or so. If you are going to be cool enough to entrust me with your email address, then I am going to be cool enough to hook you with more and more awesome all the time.

Sign up and I will send you the email that unlocks all of these documents. Leave links to other decks in the comments.

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You will find helpful stuff on this blog, but I have built a free VIP section where I host the best downloads, more content, and tools you can use. For example, decks I used to get term sheets from VCs are posted there. Free parts of the book I am writing about lean startups, growth hacking, and digital advertising. You do want to be a VIP, right? Get in here!

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