ARPU in AdTech

This is kind of throw-away, but I pulled this data after I saw this tweet: ARPU is a critical calculation for consumer web sites. If you don’t know your Average Revenue Per User, it is hard to plan and invest appropriately. Sept Traffic Dec Traffic Q3 Rev Q4 Rev Q3 ARPU Q4 ARPU AOL 112…

Kevin Dewalt

Testing Paid vs. Free Offers Using Twitter

I am a big fan of growing using the Helpful School of Marketing. The 1 thing you need to do? Be helpful. Start helping your customers solve their problems and you will get your first 100 customers – and you will get traction for your startup. To build 1,000 true fans takes a degree of…

SEO Platform For Blogging

SEO & Growth Hack Your Blog – 21 Plugins

Every blogger wonders what growth hacks, SEO tips, and tricks they missed when they build their blog. Everyone wants their blog to be search engine optimized like crazy to drive maximum traffic. This post will give you step-by-step tips on installing and getting value out of 21 different plugins, custom code, theme selection and other…

Employ Growth Hacking To Increase Your Sales

People talk about growth hacking all the time, but many people talk about it in the sense of a consumer app. “Let’s drive a lot of traffic with Growth Hacking!” That’s OK, but what interests me is sales. I want to use Growth Hacking to drive revenue! If you need revenue, you should be thinking…

Reflecting on 2013

Most Popular Things I Wrote in 2013

As we migrate over to this new blog, there is still a wealth of mind-blowing content I wrote in 2013 that you probably want to check out. I popped over and looked at the data to see what everyone else read and you missed. 

Facebook vs. Snapchat

Facebook is forever

There has been a significant amount of analysis about Facebook’s impending doom of late. Some people have hypothesized that Facebook is a social movement and the movement is at an end. Others have implied that teens inclination toward Snapchat implies that it is a competing social network.