Native Ads = Small But Key Market

native-ads-jokeAd Age is stunned to report that Native Ads are a small part of advertisers budgets. I would suggest that the nature of native ads is that they will remain a small portion of advertiser budgets.

Let me give you an example of native ads in TV: something like Simon Cowell drinking Coca-Cola on American Idol.

How much can an advertiser spend on that stuff? There are limited opportunities, they are harder to identify and figure out, and measuring success tends to be more indirect (although it can be spectacularly effective).

2 thoughts on “Native Ads = Small But Key Market

  1. Hmmm… Where would you draw the line between product placement and native ads on television? Your TV example to me smells more of product placement.
    I might consider a native ad on TV something like an Infomercial, or (god forbid) a pharmaceutical company sponsoring a news article about it’s product (but they’d never admit that 😉 )

    • My interpretation of the medium is that product placement is native to television. I suppose an informercial that “feels” like a show might be native. If you wanted to make that supposition, I would give you that. Infomercials are ~$200m/yr in a $2.2b market. So a very mature market/product where it is like ~8% of the market.

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