Lean Guide to Digital Advertising and the Unconditional Money-back Guarantee.

I have dramatically lowered the price of the Lean Guide to Digital Advertising. Go buy it on Amazon now!

Every book on programmatic advertising is priced like a textbook, including mine! Because it is a textbook! 300 pages of amazing goodness on every aspect of the digital advertising landscape told from the perspective of an entrepreneur that needs to grow his business with results.

Alas, Amazon has rolled out a new feature to its publishers to suggest prices where one can maximize sales. I have decided to give it a try so for the first time, you can now gobble all of this goodness at an insanely low price because I love to try new stuff.

Also, I have rolled out my money-back guarantee. Whatever money I make from your purchase of the book I will refund to you if you are dissatisfied. Just contact me via this web site.

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