Kickstarter is a Squeeze Page Optimizer


I had a new perspective on Kickstarter as I geared up to start my awesome new Kickstarter campaign.

I was studying some growth hackery and thinking about squeeze pages and was reading in Launch about how important nailing the reward is for a strong squeeze page. And I realized: My Kickstarter page is a mighty fine squeeze page! Let’s think about the most important parts of a good squeeze page (pulling right from Backlinko):

  • Great headline
  • Great 3 minute video
  • Great subheading
  • Great opt-in
  • Social Sharing
  • Call to action

This is the essence of Kickstarter landing pages. Now, some people will find a way to screw it up, but those are the same people that are going to fail at growth hacking. You write bad copy, you make bad videos, you have a bad CTA, you have a bad offer. You fail.

You do all the rest of those right, you win at Kickstarter. And of course, Kickstarter tries to optimize the experience behind the scenes and then they take a cut of every good squeeze page. That is a good business for them and a good  business for me!

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