Holiday Shopping for Digital Ad Tech Stars


Has anyone ever made a holiday shopping guide for the quantitative advertiser in your life? I know, they are super hard to buy for. They make great money because quant advertising is the bomb, so they buy all the Pokemon cards they need, they buy books they hear about on whim, they lack for little. No fears, I have the answers for you this holiday season so you can get out there and get your shop on.

Also, I only used things you can get on Amazon (as opposed to the App Store or something like that (download Vainglory and Omnifocus) because I know buying gifts not using Amazon is like, “WOAH”. (And yes, these are affiliate links. We are arbitrageurs, after all.)

Getting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System For Work & Life

This book transforms GTD to a scrum-based system for managing your personal objectives. The first truly accretive book I have read after the original GTD. Great content! People that optimize for the job are always trying to optimize their personal life. This is a book that helps you do that.

Rode Podcaster Dynamic Microphone

Everyone is distributed these days. You need to take your hangouts and Skyping to the next level. This is how you do it. Top of the line microphone lets people hear you loud and clear. Never worry that there will be a communication problem. Manage teams better, record podcasts better, karaoke better. That is pretty much everything, right?

Kindle Voyage

The hottest new Kindle. Wait, did I just say, “NEW KINDLE”? BAM. Get that. If your loved one doesn’t have a Kindle, then they are doing it wrong. You need to correct that ASAP.

Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator

Every quant marketer loves to hear about stories like this one. Manipulation: It’s in the job description.

Uncommon Stock

A light fiction read for the holidays featuring insane VCs, complicated biz dev deals, start-ups, and people dying! The perfect holiday read for the start-upper in your life.

Ogio Newt 15″ Backpack

The best backpack for quant advertisers, this features a side sleeve perfect for a 15″ Macbook, a seperate sleeve for your tablet, a pocket just for cables, and a delightfully slim profile to let you carry everything but still not be that guy. People need new bags. People are picky about bags. I am sure you have not bought a backpack for your loved one because it is easy to screw that up. This is a bag that will go over well, so no worries!

There you go! A few amazing gifts for the ad tech superstar in your life.

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