Experian Is A Digital Advertising Fail

The world we live in: Some retailer has a bunch of first party data, you want to match it to some DSP data set for targeting. They like to work with Experian to protect the privacy of the consumer by having a blind match. Experian tells you that it costs $25,000 to do a one time match of the data.

target experian

I know I sound like a crotchety old man a bit these days, but that is kind of some bullshit, right?

The world we want to live in: Bettersperian is a company that provides a blind matching private interconnect point allowing first party data to be dynamically matched, in batch or in real time. Because the match is a deterministic algorithm that is 100% transparent and uses APIs that are published, the cost of matching is relatively small and can be priced on a per match basis.

How can we be years into programmatic advertising and more than a decade into digital advertising and yet the key tools to facilitate first party interest-based targeting are offline, static, slow, and require complex consulting gigs? It is an absolute tragedy that these old world companies are allowed to dictate how the new world is shaped in any way. I look forward to dramatic industry change.

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