How To Hire – Hiring Product Managers

When you are hiring product managers and building a product management organization, there is a strategy. I want to share that with you. Pragmatic Marketing, “the authority on technology product management and marketing”, uses a system they call “The Product Management Triad” to talk about most things product. Their hypothesis is that there are three…

ARPU in AdTech

This is kind of throw-away, but I pulled this data after I saw this tweet: ARPU is a critical calculation for consumer web sites. If you don’t know your Average Revenue Per User, it is hard to plan and invest appropriately. Sept Traffic Dec Traffic Q3 Rev Q4 Rev Q3 ARPU Q4 ARPU AOL 112…

Facebook vs. Snapchat

Facebook is forever

There has been a significant amount of analysis about Facebook’s impending doom of late. Some people have hypothesized that Facebook is a social movement and the movement is at an end. Others have implied that teens inclination toward Snapchat implies that it is a competing social network.